IC-718 and CAT control

Thank you for the offer but after a very frustrating search and troubleshooting for two weeks, I returned it. My suggestion for the company would be to actually connect with a customer before pointing them to YouTube and walking away. Minimally, check back with them after they report being frustrated or having tried multiple options. My career was in technology (nearly 40 years) so I am not “technologically challenged.” I tried the putty option and just about everything else I could find. My guess? Despite the packaging stating that it was CI-V compatible, I don’t believe it was. Plenty of people like the device and rave about it…my experience wasn’t nearly that great. I have moved on to another device which worked immediately with my radio. Thanks again!

You are correct, most likely your Digirig was not set for your ICOM’s CI-V. I’m not finding your direct order/return in digirig store so I’m guessing you ordered was from Amazon where I only sell units in the default configuration (logic levels). I’m somewhat puzzled about the packaging though, none of what I ship have statements about CI-V copmatibility.

Anyway, glad to hear you found a satisfactory solution and enjoying the digital modes.

I actually ordered it through GigaParts and specified and Icom device. That said, my IC-7851 wasn’t on their list of IC’s supported. However, the IC-7600 was, as I recall, and I use that with RT-Systems software and it works fine. Anyway, I wish you all the best going forward, thanks for reaching out.

Gigaparts kits should have Digirig preconfigured to match the cables. Sorry I missed opportunity to get you fully set up. The email only mentioned audio so we never got to the CI-V side of things. Will see you on the air!

@Dave So the company you refer to in your comments is Gigaparts? Ok I think I understand what was going on now.

73 Constrainted

Constrainted, yes, I ordered it through GigaParts but went to digirig for assistance and the issue with that would be… What exactly?

@Dave If you didn’t use Gigaparts for customer service, then maybe I missed the thread here where you posted your technical and troubleshooting questions.

73 Constrainted