IC-718 Cat control through Digirig

OK about a week ago I asked if anyone has used a IC-718 with Omni Rig. Gave a picture of my omnirig setup. Crickets, No response. Again does anyone use an IC-718 with digital, and any log program(Free like L4OM or purchased HRD) through Digirig? I have gotten the IC-718 to work some what with WSJT-x and have made many contacts. The program works the PTT and changes frequency but I cannot get it to change power or Mode. In Omnirig, I can get it to change frequency, mode and power but not activate PTT. It appears WSJT-X raises the RTS to activate the PTT. Is this possible with Omni rig? Does anyone have a working solution or have a set of programs that work for them with the IC-718. Has anyone used an IC-718 with Digirig or as hard as it is to believe am I the first. All as I want to do is log SSB contacts, Try digital (FT-8 etc) then post all contacts to QRZ and eventually LOTW.

Jeff N2NJL

This is a community forum with voluntary participation. The answers are not guaranteed and there is no need to get aggravated if you don’t get yours.

As the product designer I try to answer the general Digirig questions, but I don’t have exact settings for every combination of transceiver/mode/software and OS.

In your case, it is likely that the IC-718 does not support PTT command over CI-V/CAT. Configure PTT to be triggered by RTS of Digirig’s serial port even if you have CI-V/CAT otherwise configured and working. Less desirable PTT option is by VOX.

As for changing “frequency, mode and power”, I’m not sure I understand the question. Omnirig facilitates CAT control, but I don’t remember seeing user interface for these functions there. Do you refer to flrig?

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I used the omnirig client which is supplied with Omni rig control (middleware) software. The client has the ability to change mode and power through omnirig. It appears to be a testing software. The WSJTX does not appear to have the ability to change the mode or power when connected directly to the rig yet it changes frequency at works PTT. WSJTX will not work at all when I use onmirig with the IC-718 since I can not get PTT to work in this configuration. I have a G-90 and wanted to hook up the IC-718 as one rig and the G-90 as the other. I have not even tried omnirig with the g-90 since if it won’t work with the ic-718. The G-90 works great with FLrig (except for an SWR communication issue) but that software is for one radio. I will have to reconfigure everything simply to switch from one radio to the other. And do not know if FLrig even works with the IC-718 yet. I kind of expected everything to work in concert not fight each other. I did not expect to spend weeks working to find out a solution in one case precludes the other.

I am really asking for help as to which software, combination for logging and digital works best with the IC-718 and Digirig, preferably bringing in the G-90 when needed.

I have gotten it to work with the IC-718 at a minimal level which is much less that I expected. I still also wanted to hook HDSDR up with a MFJ-1708SDR or similar and have all three software pckages work in concert. I may start completely over and try via com0com. I don think I would have gone this route with the IC-718 if I realized no one has gone here before.

This was the purpose of my email, After hearing no replies, I was asking “Has anyone done omnirig with digirig and an IC-718.” H4OM logging only appears to work through a middleman. I will purchase HRD only if it works. WSJTX will work somewhat without with me changing the mode and power on the radio to match the software. as for HDSDR the are videos on how to do this online.

I’m not personally familiar with H4OM software, but the configuration shouldn’t be any different with Digirig comparing to any other sound card based interfaces or serial CAT/CI-V adapters. I would recommend reaching out to the community specific to that software if you experience difficulties setting it up. Same applies to HRD. I would appreciate the repost of any of your findings here though.

Re. IC-718 and G90: If you plan to utilize serial CAT control on both IC-718 and G90, you’ll need two separate Digirigs - one configured for CI-V, another for Logic levels. You can share the same unit between the two radios if you elect one transceiver to be used without the (optional) CAT control.

Re. WSJT-X + Omnirig: unlike FLrig, Omnirig doesn’t support PTT configuration. In WSJT-X you’ll need to select Omnirig 1 or 2 (depending on configuration used) for rig control and also configure PTT by RTS. If this doesn’t work it is probably because the port access can’t be arranged between two separate apps. In that case you may have to try configuring everything in WSJT-X directly and bypass Omnirig.

Re. switching software between the radios: Omnirig supports two configurations so you can have both radios connected there. In WSJT-X you can have multiple independent configuration and run them independently/simultaneously with the help of –rig-name=xxx command line parameter.

In addition to the above information, I’d suggest looking at io.groups for groups/forums that deal with your Icom, and the programs. I have found a LOT of information there. QRZ.com and RadioReference.com also have forums addressing digital activities. Personally, I have an Alinco DX-SR8 and Xiegu G90, so I can’t really be of any other help.
I subscribe to this email newsletter, so I don’t always see things right away. That may be the same with others. Hope you can get it up and running, FB. One more thing, I’ve discovered using these digital devices, no matter who makes them, are quite a bit more finicky than my old MFJ-1270B TNC. It doesn’t do all the cool stuff, so I’ve started to learn Digi-Rig.
Paul N5XMV

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I was having troubles with using the 718. What i found that magically cleared it up was doing a reset of settings in the 718. I didnt do anything else and then it worked.
Also make sure you have the c iv digi rig.


I had my Ic718 fully fuctional with a signalink and a usb civ. Now the digirig i cant even get it to control the rig properly at all. Let alone interface with fl rig or log4om.

Im about to try resetting the radio and delving into the Ic 718 manual to try n figure this out.

Would be great to have to use only one usb port for full functionality. This was my main reason for buying a digirig.

Any help appreciated and will update if i getitworking.

Let’s forget about the CAT control for the moment and start from the beginning. Does your system detect Digirig’s components per “getting started guide”?

Next, do you get the audio from transceiver to computer?

Hi k0tx, I have it fully functional now. I did a reset on the radio, and reconfigured the hamlib settings(from within Log4OM) from fresh and now it is functioning perfectly. Yes i did get the drivers installed correctly first. Amazing what a reset can do. Appreciate your reply and willingness to help :+1:
I had the audio coming in and the civ functioning but sometimes locking the Tx sometimes on but no freq readout, so i knew it had to work just didnt know what settings on the radio i needed combined with software settings. So reset it all as someone mentioned above and yep.

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Please start a new thread - and clarify “too,” you have a 718? or an FT817?


I am curious how you set it up and got it working. I have sound it recognizes the device but cannot get it to transmit at all. I made sure and got the right one for the Icom 718 but like I said viewed the videos and even did the reset mentioned. I’m sure it’s something. Simple?