IC 746 (non PRO) cable

Hello, I want to get the Digirig but am unclear if it will work with my non PRO version of the ICOM IC-746? This cable Icom IC-706 cords for Digirig Mobile – digirig looks right but it doesn’t say it supports the IC-746. Just wanted to double check if others have had any luck with it?

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On IC-746 (non PRO) I don’t see MiniDin6 port like PRO version has

You’ll need homebrew DIN cable for ACC sockets. There weren’t enough requests for it to be a candidate for factory-made cable. Let me know if you consider building and we can look at the pinouts.

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Is the DC-01C cable from HamDaptor and the CV-I cable from FTDI USB Programming Cable ICOM CAT CI-V IC-746 IC-746PRO CT-17.
The CV-I cable works great, I use Ham Radio Deluxe to interface to the radio and WSJT-X interfaces to Ham Radio Delux. My issue is that I do not have a good connection for the Audio between the radio and and my Surface Pro 7 PC. I have used TS to USB connection from DuKabel for the data in to the IC-746 and a Kepulu for the Data out to to the IC-746. I am have only very limited success with FT-8 and no success with JS8Call.
Would the Digirig solve this poor connection for the audio?

Yes, Digirig will take care of audio and PTT. If you want to tidy up the whole setup, you can use Digirig’s CI-V capability as well.

Did you build a cable for the IC-746 (non-Pro)?

If somebody comes across this post, there is now a store cable kit for IC-746: