IC 756pro2, GX16 cable, receives fine, rumbling on xmit

Ok. First I have a PC with Windows 11 64 bit. It is not finding a driver for the Silicon Power USB to Uart. Is this a known issue? I tell it to search and it can’t find any. Certainly don’t want any unsupported driver to install.

Second, with WSJT-x it receives fine using the GX16 cable. However, even without using WSTX-x, if I transmit I get a severe rumbling sound while transmitting (the GX16 bugs out to being wired correctly). The sound varies with RF power, so it sounds like RFI as a guess. Now I have a lot of equipment I can use including a RigPI for remote operation and have not had to deal with RFI issues in any of the equipment. This noise happens all the way down to a couple watts. Is digirig very RFI prone?

If I stick an 1/8 headphone into the digirig, will it work to let me listen to it? At present I have nothing hooked up to the rig connection port. The only connection is the GX16 cable to the digirig and then a USB cable from the digirig to the PC.

I can turn the sound output all the way down to zero on the digirig sound card and I still get the noise.

Id like to connect the headphone to be sure that this noise is not being created when not transmitting which would point the finger at a bad digirig. But I suspect it’s RFI driven, but if it happens at 4 watts, I’m not sure I’ll ever get it quiet at full power. So might have to return it and just use my sound card which I was trying to avoid.

To close this out, this was a problem with the GX16 microphone to digirig cable not being wired correctly for an Icom radio.

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Thanks for posting the resolution.

73 Constrainted

Ken, apologies for the issue with GX16 cable compatibility. I’ll be adding ICOM specific model and adjusting the compatibility list of the current variant. Please stay tuned for the updates regarding the replacements.

There is now a new cable listing for ICOM’s GX16 Mic pinout (pin 7 grounded) and using headphones plug.

Please email me if you previously ordered Alinco version of GX16 cable with the plan to use it with ICOM

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