IC706MKIIG, Digirig and WoAD

Working on getting Winlink packet with my mobile setup
Radio: IC-706MKIIG
DigiRig Mobile (ordered in March 22, not sure of version #) with IC-706 cable
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
WoAD V 1.4.67

Connected to the tablet using an OTG connector. This connector works with my Kenwood radios and WoAD for packet winlink.

I have used this Digirig with this radio and my Windows laptop for Winlink Packet, VARA FM, and HF VARA.

I confirmed the packet RMS is up and running (KD3WCO-10, literally line of site from my house, I cans see the tower from my driveway)

The graphic is Denis’s post on WoAD seems broken, so I set up using his description.

It seems to be working as far as receiving (I can see the green/purple line at the top of the WoAD screen move as I adjust the squelch)

It seems to trigger the transmit, On start up the radio displays transmit and the Power meter shows output.

However, I think the packet is not going out properly. When running the app without being hooked up, the audio of the packet seems truncated.

Listening on my TH-D72 the audio goes out when the 706 transmits, but no packet sound comes through. (It is possible I am desensing from the mobile, more testing to come)

Screen prints attached. They were taken when not connected to the radio, so the USB port does not show up, but I had selected the only one available.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi Randy,

On your first screenshot, “Audio (AFSK, 1200bps)” settings, there is a Channel setting. Try changing this to “Left”.

Looking at the digirig circuit it seems to be using the LOL (line out left channel) to connect to the radio, while the LOR is ignored.

All the best,


Thanks Andrew

I might not get to try this until next week. Gearing everything up to support a large event this weekend (US Air Force Marathon)


Randy KA0AZS