Icom 706 cables connection question

Simple question here. Just got my digirig for the 706 with the standard setup. One cable has a black end with a TRRS tip and a green end with a TRS tip. I assume the TRRS goes into the digirig unit. Does the green TRS tip go into the CI-V Remote Control Jack on the back of the 706?

Your assumption is correct. Digirig always receives straight TRRS ends of the cables.

And yes, the green angled TRS connector goes into ICOM’s CI-V remote socket. The other end of that cable goes into Digirig’s socket labeled “serial”.

Because I have a lousy memory, I annotated a drawing of the IC-706MKIIG to keep on my phone and tablet.

I don’t use the Digirig CAT control in my truck as the CI-V port (#6 on the drawing) is used by my TurboTuner to control my Tarheel.

It works fine without CAT control, I just have to tune the radio manually (the horror!) Made some good Winlink connections on 40 and 30 M

Hope this helps 73

Randy KA0AZS

There is also 6 pin Digirig cable (#3 socket) available in 9600 and 1200 versions if 13 pin socket (#4) is not available.

I edited my original post to reflect that fact that I do use the Digirig in the truck (the only interface I carry with me, leave my legacy SignaLink in the shack), I just don’t use the CAT function through the CI-V.

I use the 10 pin on my 703, and it seems to work well.