ICOM 736 & DigiRig

Is it possible to interface a DigiRig to an older ICOM 736 HF Transceiver? For Modes such as CW and/or FT8?
Thanks in Advance
Bill, WB9YVM

I don’t have this radio, but I don’t want your question to go unanswered too long. Here’s some information from the manual ICOM puts online:

and the microphone input on the front:

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Thanks that’s what my manual states as well.
I am trying to find out if anyone has been successful with DigiRig?

DIN8 kit should work for your radio including CAT control with Digirig configured for CI-V:

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I just got an even older, IC-718 working. The key is: buy the CI-V digirig and the icom cables from the digital store.

I am killing it on FT-8 with WSJT-X. Especially 20-40-80m.

My struggle is getting HRD to work properly. That’s my project after work this week. My plan is to document the IC718 settings and put it all here.


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Congratulations! Thanks for reporting your success back here! Good luck with HRD!

73 Constrainted