Icom 746 + Digirig

Must say I’m very happy with using the Digirig on my Icom 746. We have it working great on RemoteHams and Wsjtx. I had been looking at other more expensive options and took a chance with the Digirig, it works Great!
I did have the same issues others had at first with the radio staying locked in transmit mode, but switching a few things in the different software programs fixed those issues (DTR for radio connection and PTT use Com and RTS).
Using the USB Isolator seemed to cause the most grief, with it inline and running anything over 50w would cause the digirig audio soundcard? to drop out and lock up the radio. Took the Isolator out of line and all works great up to full power 120w or so.
We’ll try the USB Isolator on a laptop later maybe for field use, this is currently being used on a semi old Dell desktop with 3 instances of RemoteHams server and SDRConsole server running.
Will be ordering another soon for the old IC735. Thanks !


Are you using the CI-V or logic level digirig for the 746 (non-pro)?

I’m looking…pretty sure i got the CI-V for both my 746 and 735.

Heres a link and settings, any problems and need help let me know.

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Thanks!! I’m going to give it a try.