Icom 746 Pro Setup

Has anybody had experience setting this radio up with the Digirig and the cable set ordered with it?
Please see below for cable

Wanting to replace a Signalink and want CAT control.

The Din 8 connector on DIGIRig cable fits in the auxiliary port but not the smaller port the Signal link cable came out of on the back of the radio

Any advise is appreciated.


DIN8 cable is for audio and PTT. It goes into ACC1 (#11) port on the radio and the other end plugs into Digirig’s audio socket.

The angled 3.5mm TRS connector plugs into radio’s CI-V REMOTE (#7) socket. straight 3.5mm TRRS end of that cable plugs into Digirig’s serial socket.

Ok I will try that.
Thank you much!