Icom 746Pro - hot input audio

Hi Team,

Decided to make the jump to digirig on my Icom 746pro after having so much luck (and fun!) with the FT-817 and the Icom 706.

The 746Pro kit I ordered recently - so should be latest hw version - has really hot input audio to the rig. I’m having to run the “speaker” at like 10, and power about halfway up, in order to get the proper power from the rig (running the rig around 50w) and maybe a dot-or-two of ALC.

(Mic Audio is also about a 10 on the PC to have the receiver sitting at 60db).

Just wanting a confirmation from the community that “yeah, that’s about right.”

On the 706 and the 817, my levels are a little higher.

I’m making contacts - and getting good visibility reports on pskreporter (mainly running FT8 with this kit) - so everything is working - just looking for some validation.

If there are any other hints or tricks for the DigiRig and the 746pro, please share. I’m trying to run the shack semi-remotely (me in an upstairs office - rig in the basement) - so I’m using BKT’s rig control and WSJT-X is sending to it (which is its own mess - I can’t run it in “SSB-D” mode… )

Your enthusiasm is contagious! I do not own any of your radios, so I can’t comment on the absolute settings for levels. Maybe someone else will.

If you can’t get the hot input volume where you like it after trying everything you can, the Digirig Mobie v1.9 has an input attenuator which can be set.

73 Constrainted

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But that’s input “from” radio, correct? That’s only for when the audio from radio is too hot and no amount of moving adjustment can keep the receiving bar out of the red, right?

Right. I misunderstood your situation. Good luck!

73 Constrainted