Icom IC-2100H DIY cable success

A friend purchased three Icom IC-2100H VHF rigs at auction for a steal. I set out to make us cables as we are running APRS fill in digipeaters and using packet Winlink on VHF with our digirigs and Soundmodem TNC software.

After a little searching I was able to make the RJ-45/TRS/TRRS cable.

The 2100H has the same pinout as the IC-2200. Here’s the Reddit post I found:

Homebrew Digirig cable pinout for Icom IC-2200 and Icom IC-V8000. Credit: Frank WQ1O

We are loving the Digirig and I’ll probably purchase another one.

Hope this information is helpful to someone.


Thank you for your report and pinout confirmation.

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This cable is now available in store:

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