Icom IC-706MK2G -> Digirig CI-V -> WSJT-X = no PTT

I searched around and found similar issues, but none that helped me resolve my problem.
I’ve tried just about every combination of every setting and get the receive coming thru FT8, but cannot get the WSJT-X software to connect thru CAT to radio.
Here’s my setup and screen shots of settings resulting in a “timeout” error Testing the radio CAT…
Please help with any other ideas!


Cables look flipped as far as I can tell from the picture. The 13pin cable should go into Digirig’s audio socket on the other end. CI-V/remote goes to serial port.

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Oh man, now I just feel silly.
Thank you.
I’d had the cables set the right way, but when I switched them at some point I started receiving messages in WSJT and assumed it had to be backwards. I don’t understand why messages came thru with the cables reversed, but after switching them as you pointed out I was able to finally get the CAT setup and everything now works wonderfully.
Thanks again and 73,

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That’s great you followed up with report of your success!

73 Constrainted