Icom IC-7100 - No Transmit Audio


I recently purchased a Digirig (Icom model - that supports CI-V). I have the following:

Digirig Audio - 13-pin accessory port on the back of the IC-7100
Digirig Serial - CI-V port on the back of the IC-7100

I have the USB cable connected to a Windows machine running Windows 11. The USB Serial interface was recognized without any issues. The audio input/output were also recognized without any issues.

I’ve been trying to use WSJT-X and Direwolf to test TX/RX. I can verify that Digirig is receiving audio and can PTT key the radio (via CI-V).

I have the Monitor option enabled on the IC-7100. I cannot hear audio transmitting when I key the radio/send an audio signal. I also do not see any activity on the VU meter on the front panel of the IC-7100.

Could someone provide some insight as to where to start looking to debug this issue?

Thanks in advance!


Looks like I just figured out my own problem. :-/

I had the DATA MOD setting set to USB instead of ACC. Once I set it to ACC and tried to transmit, I could hear the signal via the internal speaker.

Sorry to raise the issue when the issue was my own.


Congratulations! Your report here may help others with the same radio, ICOM IC-7100.

73 Constrainted