Icom IC-92AD cable listed in store is incorrect

I’m thinking about adding the Digirig interface to my older IC-92AD handheld. The photo of the cable at ICOM IC-92AD – digirig shows a 2-plug connector for the radio end, similar to what I’ve seen on a really old IC-2AT. The IC-92AD has a 12-pin mini-DIN-style connector for the Data/Mic/Speaker connection. Icom lists an adapter cable as an OPC-1797, which now appears to be unavailable. Am I out of luck? --Tom WJ9H

Thanks for the report. Yes, you are correct. According to below page, the compatible speaker/mic model is HM-174 and it has MiniDin-like watertight connector.



I don’t have a cable like that and there is no plan to add it to store because how exotic the connector is and there is very little demand. I’d look for the cheap speaker/mic as a source of a cable for the homebrew build.

I’ll update the store tags.

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