Icom ic706mk2g no ptt using vara

I’ve got an ic706mk2g, it is working correctly with other programs with cat control, but I can not get vara hf or vara fm to TX through the digirig. I’m sure it’s a software setting I’m missing, but I feel like I’ve tried everything. Anyone using this configuration that can tell me what settings I need for winlink express/vara?

Try PTT by RTS, both VaraHF and VaraFM support this option. Using it doesn’t require or interfere with serial CAT control.

OK, just tried that, with rts box checked the radio transmits constantly as soon as vara launches and won’t stop till I close the program.

Not RTS under hardware flow control (all those options need to be unchecked), but RTS under PTT control.

OK, I’ll try that in a bit, had to step out of the shack. What should the ptt control location be? External, civ, com port,?

In PTT port settings select Digirig’s COM port and check “Enable RTS”

Awesome. I got HF to work, still no luck on vara fm, but I’ve got a Yaesu with its own digirig for that. Thanks for the help!

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