Icom ID 5100 and SSTV

Has anyone here ever done SSTV from an Icom 5100? If so, how did you setup for transmit and receive?

@K0TX did it with a different radio here:

There is a Getting Started with Digirig Mobile – digirig which is good.

73 Constrainted

i’ve used droidsstv with an icom t90
just plain fm
sstv over fm is tolerant enough to just hold the droidsstv phone/tablet next to the radio spk/mic

the brain can recognize the picture pretty well even with a little ‘noise’

ssb decodes are just as easy without wires.
tx on ssb usually gets under driven without a direct connection.

so with a wired connection, the volume of the radio around ‘halfway’ or a little under.
the volume of the sstv generating device, maybe 25% or a bit under.
should get you in the ballpark.
the radio, using spk/mic, will emph/de-emph that is pretty forgiving.

also used a vc-1 from kenwood with numerous radios but that’s cheating these days :slight_smile: