Icom RJ-45 Cable for Digirig Mobile

I bought a digirig for my 706 with the standard setup. I see the cable in the subject line can be used for the 208 and 880. Will the digirig that I bought for the 706 work with these cables on my 208 and 880 without cutting/soldering any traces?

ICOM RJ-45 cables can be used with Digirig 1.6 or later in any configuration.
The cable provides connectivity for audio + PTT while the serial port configuration only applies to the CAT control.

Thanks for both replies. Will try tomorrow.

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Getting ready to buy the RJ-45 cables. Based on your comment above, what cable (extra?) will I need for the serial port configuration and CAT control?

There is a serial data connection available through one of the TRS sockets, but at this time I don’t have pre-made cables for it.


I’m testing the pinouts and will add the cable to the store early next year. Please signup to the mailing list on the homepage to receive the availability notifications.

If you going to give a homebrew serial cable a try, please report your results here.

Hi Denis, Do you or anyone maybe have a wiring diagram for the Icom RJ45 Cable for Digirig mobile fir ver.1.6+ using TRRS.
It would be a great base to start the Kenwood RJ45 Split cable design from.

For sure I will share the working cable design afterwards. Maybe that will call for a new thread.
Thank you!

Here’s my sketch:

Thank you! Ill make some work of this the weekend.

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