ID-50A doesn't PTT

I bought the Icom HT cable and it fits in the -50. I can receive audio from the USB soundcard. I configured flrig for PTT using RTS on another serial port (the rig and port on the transciever port are NONE).

When I press the PTT button in flrig, nothing happens. If I swap cables and radios for a UV-5R, pressing the PTT button cause the -5R to transmit, so I think my flrig settings are correct.

VOX works, so the audio is making contact.

I have a shoulder-mic for the -50, and I noticed they’re TRS, not TS like in the Digirig cables. Not sure if Icom changed something or if it’s cosmetic. Resistance is about 1.2 kilo Ohm between the tip and sleeve when PTT is depressed. PTT from the shoulder-mic triggers the radio, so I don’t think I have PTT lock on (I just verified it in the menu, too).

Any other thoughts on things to try?


The ICOM HT cables are a bit sensitive to the insertion depth. Give it a good push to ensure it’s all the way in. See if molding on the connector bumps against the radio’s body.

You can test PTT by just shorting two pins on the Digirig’s side of the cable:

Let me know if you still can’t achieve PTT on your HT and we’ll figure out what to do next.

It does seem to be the connector. I assumed that since VOX was working, it was in far enough.

The shoulder on the shoulder-mic connector is about 1/16" higher than the one on the Digirig cable. When I seat the shoulder-mic connector, there’s almost no gap between the shoulder and the radio. The Digirig connector also stops when it hits the shoulder but since the shoulder is lower, I don’t think the pins go in as far.

I can try trimming the shoulder back on the Digirig cable, but it might take a day to two to figure out a way without making a mess.

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I have had the same issue with Baofeng HTs, but I could overcome it with force. I am sure you are close to success.

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It’s likely related to either the smaller step on the molding or smaller step at the base of the sleeve:

Let me know if your mods don’t resolve the issue.

Everything seems to be working now. PTT works when triggered from WSJT-X.

To mod, we took a utility knife and scored a line around the connector. Then we just whittled the plastic down to be flush. By we, I mean my friend who did all the work.

Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas.


Thanks for the update. I’ll request this change in the next batch of these cables.


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