ID-5100 worked once, appears to never trigger PTT now

Greetings All,
I was thrilled to get VARA working on the 5100. I moved it to the TH-D74 and got it working there too. However switching back to the 5100 the graph window appears to show modulation but the 5100 never goes into Transmit mode.
Is it the Mic/RJ plug or the Speaker-1 that triggers the PTT? Also can the Speaker plug go into the Spearker-2 jack instead of “1”? I use COM port 8 with PTT as COM8 with RTS selected. I just confirmed it still works on the TH-D74 so I think the Digirig is good. I’m suspecting the 5100 cable first and then the 5100. Or something else? Ideas?

PTT signal is on the mic cable. If you need to confirm the cable connections, here’s the pinout:

To test simulated PTT you can use this method: