Interface Digirig with ic-281h

I have a IC-281H that I’m trying to use with YAAC on a Raspberry Pi.
Currently using the Mobile Audio Cable for ICOM with RJ-45
Latest version of PI OS and YAAC.
Current setup is:
Device name /dev/ttyUSB1 (with correct permissions)
Baud Rate 1200 have also tried others
Transmit Enabled
If i enable rts/cts the radio goes into TX and stays on.

Looking to do ARPS with YAAC.
Any suggestions would be awesome

You mention that you connect RJ-45 audio cable. This connection doesn’t offer any serial lines, only audio and PTT. In this case if the software supports CAT control then transceiver profile should be set to “none” with any serial port settings (bauds, data/stop bits etc.) not being relevant. The only port related parameter is PTT should be set to RTS of the serial port and hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) disabled.

So the ICOM RJ-45 Cable for Digirig Mobile is the suggested cable for the ic-281h as well as the Kenwood tm-271. My understanding is that the rf-45 triggered the ptt.

I’ll Give it a try. Thanks K0TX

I have noticed when I plug both cables in to my tm-217 it causes the radio to transmit and stay on as long as they are connected.

The mic connection is a less desirable fallback option when accessory port is not available. From what I see in the pictures of your transceiver model, there is an accessory port and CAT control port. With that in mind I would suggest only using the connections in the back: MiniDin6 labeled DATA (audio) and MiniDin8 labeled PC (RS-232 serial) and keeping regular mic connected for voice contacts.

Re. radio locked up on transmit: this has to do with the serial port’s flow control in software settings and PTT setting. Please refer to the corresponding section of the troubleshooting guide for more info.

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