Interfacing Digirig Mobile with FT690 and Microsoft Surface

The computer does not recognise the connected device, the Digirig, and I am not able to get the PTT to work with the FT690. On WSJT-X, ver 2.6.1, I have made the following settings:
Rig “none”
PTT method “RTS”
Port “USB”

All other settings are greyed out. The rig to Digirig cable is the GX-16, connected to the “audio” port and the USB A to C cable connects the DR to the Surface USB port.

The audio in and out of the MS Surface is the Real Tek default and there is no evidence of the 690 audio making it to the WSJT software.

I get “Rig Failure” errors.

I’d sure appreciate any ideas on what may be wrong.

Following the setup tutorial, do you see Digirig’s audio and serial components in the device manager?

Thank you.

Yes, but after selecting the correct name, Windows kicks it out and claims it is unidentified. I’ve loaded the new driver. It’s possible that the battery is too low so I am recharging the Surface and will try again tomorrow.

I doubt it’s battery. The system should manage the power without individual parts of it randomly browing out.

Now when you say that you select the the name and Windows kicks it out. What is that “it” you are referring to? Are you referring to the configuration of the digital modes software or something else? Any chance you are attempting to transmit before the “kick out” happens?

The device monitor on the Surface sees a PnP sound device but then that notification disappears and an unknown device notification appears instead.

I’m going to test the Digirig and it’s cable on a different computer next week.

Sounds like a plan. If the issue persists there, I’ll handle the exchange.


Thank you for your immediate responses and patience. I hope to get this device to work but not die in the attempt! I will get back with you with the results and with any information I may glean in the process.

Kindest regards.

Ok, the USB A to C cable is bad. I’ll contact Amazon for a replacement. Thanks for your help!

Now I’ve got a problem with the GX-16 cable. When connected to the FT-690 the PTT is on all the time. I’ve got it connected to the audio port of the Digirig.

RTS signal of the COM port controls the PTT. Make sure to configure PTT in the software and disable any hardware flow control in settings before connecting the cable.

Please see “Constant transmission, Unexpected Transmission” section of the troubleshooting guide for more info.

Thank you.

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