Interfacing Kenwood TS-50

This transceiver can be interfaced using the 8pin mic connector in front:



  • Pins 7 & 8 (GND) connect to GND
  • Pin 2 (PTT) connect to PTT
  • Pin 1 (TXD) connect to RIG_AFIN
  • Pin 6 (RXD) connect to RIG_AFOUT

Pinout on Digirig’s side (rev 1.6 or later) looks like this:

TS-50 with optional IF-10D module can support serial CAT control via 6 pin Din cable similar to one found in Kenwood TS-450 kit.

Transceiver Manual:
Kenwood TS-50S HF Transceiver WW.pdf (2.2 MB)