Issues with Digirig and Icom IC-746 CAT


I’ve got an IC-746 and a Digirig, and I’m trying to get CAT control working. The audio and PTT (via serial port RTS) works great with wsjt-x, and I’ve made some FT8 contacts. I just can’t seem to get CAT to work.

I’m borrowing the radio and the Digirig from a friend who bought them from another guy as a package. My friend hasn’t actually tried the Digirig himself.

I did verify the Digirig is version 1.9, and I verified that it has the solder modifications to work with Icom CI-V. The serial port shows up in device manager, and I’ve installed the latest driver. Also the serial port RTS signal works to trigger transmitting.

I wanted to do the loopback test with Putty, but I’m not sure how that is supposed to work with the Digirig configured for half-duplex. My understanding is that if I opened a connection to the COM port with Putty then anything I typed would be echoed back to the screen without doing anything with the cable. However when I try Putty nothing shows on the screen when I type. Am I right that I should see something?



Yes, with Digirig in CI-V configuration you should get the characters you type printed back in the terminal even with no cable connected. You should also have the same results with CI-V cable only connected on Digirig’s side and also with cable connected on both ends. Try all three scenarios.

Hey Dave-
Quick question-Is your control cable an 8 pin DIN or a 3.5mm plug? I purchased cables from Digirig and it is the DIN type but found that the IC-746 also has a 3.5mm CI-V jack as well. Just wondered which one you are using. Thank you!

The kit recommended for IC-746 includes both cables:

Yes, I have the recommended kit with both cables. The 3.5mm plug is used for serial CI-V data which does CAT rig control. The DIN cable has pins for input and output audio as well as a push to talk.


Ugh-I modified my Digirig 1.9 for CI-V operation and double checked my soldering-It’s not giving me half-duplex in a terminal. Not sure what to do now. It seems O can recognize the Digirig and I receive audio through WSJT-X but I don’t believe the device is working properly. Any ideas? I’ll keep researching.

No worries, we’ll sort this out.
Can you please share the picture of the back side of the PCB as well as the ports listing of the device manager showing Digirig entry there?