Issues with Digirig and Icom IC-746 CAT


I’ve got an IC-746 and a Digirig, and I’m trying to get CAT control working. The audio and PTT (via serial port RTS) works great with wsjt-x, and I’ve made some FT8 contacts. I just can’t seem to get CAT to work.

I’m borrowing the radio and the Digirig from a friend who bought them from another guy as a package. My friend hasn’t actually tried the Digirig himself.

I did verify the Digirig is version 1.9, and I verified that it has the solder modifications to work with Icom CI-V. The serial port shows up in device manager, and I’ve installed the latest driver. Also the serial port RTS signal works to trigger transmitting.

I wanted to do the loopback test with Putty, but I’m not sure how that is supposed to work with the Digirig configured for half-duplex. My understanding is that if I opened a connection to the COM port with Putty then anything I typed would be echoed back to the screen without doing anything with the cable. However when I try Putty nothing shows on the screen when I type. Am I right that I should see something?



Yes, with Digirig in CI-V configuration you should get the characters you type printed back in the terminal even with no cable connected. You should also have the same results with CI-V cable only connected on Digirig’s side and also with cable connected on both ends. Try all three scenarios.