Issues with the Lite in VARA with Wine

I can’t get the Lite to be reconized as a RA-board in wine. Any thoughts? Works great in Windows and Ubuntu without Wine :stuck_out_tongue:

The audio codec used in Digirig (CM108) is as generic as they come. I’m not sure what it would take for Wine to recognize one. Could be a driver issue. Maybe people more familiar with that software will be able to shed some light. Here’s one of the relevant discussions: No sound on Wine programs - WineHQ Forums

In WINE, is the DigiRig sound card not being detected or the “RA-Board” PTT option not available or both? This thread might be helpful.

The issue with Digirig Lite is not the same as with normal digirig mobile. Digirig lite does not present as a /dev/ttyusb0 device which I can map to a com port in Wine regedit hacks and PTT using a RTS to that com port in the VARA FM config.

Instead with lite, you must do some hackery with exposing /dev/hidraw1 (or hidraw0) to all users (chmod 644 or something like that, still uncertain), then using any linux software that has cm108 PTT support. In Wine’s case, I have been unsuccessful thus far at using digirig lite with VARA FM. I face the same problems as the OP, I cannot configure a fake com port, nor can I trigger it using RA-board because Wine VARA FM does not see the RA-board PTT.

I can, however, PTT using direwolf, though the fine-tuning of the output AX.25 audio is not at all clean and I cannot seem to get the levels correct; it always sounds overdriven no matter how low I set it.

I have decided that digirig lite is for Windows, and have stuck with normal digirig mobile for my linux endeavors.

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You might be running into the problem of rather limited support for HID in WINE. Some level of HID support is needed in order to trigger the GPIO pin in the CM108 to activate PTT. I have not tested the DigiRig Lite or any other CM1xx GPIO sound card (like Masters Communications DRx devices) with WINE, so that’s just a guess. The DR Lite PTT works fine with all of my Linux, Mac and Windows ham apps.

Instead of WINE, I have run a minimal version of Windows 11 in a Docker container on a LMDE6 (Linux) laptop. I installed VARA FM and Winlink in that Windows instance and connected a DR Lite. That all works (PTT included).

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In cases where there is no support for PTT by GPIO3, there is still a fallback PTT by VOX option on the right channel of the codec. If software supports PTT by tone, that should work fairly reliable given enough amplitude/volume is supplied.