Js8call help needed

I have settled on using JS8CALL as my digital mode to start.
When i open it the program my my receive audio slider in the bottom left corner is all the way up and red. I know it supposed to be 30-40 but i have used my audio sliders to no response. What am i missing here?

You just need to adjust down Digirig’s sensitivity. Make sure AGC is turned off as prescribed in setup instructions.

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Ok got it working on windows 11 home shack computer :slightly_smiling_face:
Now im trying to install it on my pota laptop running window 10 and PNP sound device in video and game but nothing in Com n LPT altho it did put the exclamation point on duel CP 2105 usb bridge enhanced com port :grimacing:

You’ll need to install CP210x driver. Info and link is in the setup instructions:

:man_facepalming: (doh) i didnt notice the difference till you said that and i looked back at my message lol