JS8Call Not Transmitting

I’m using my Digirig with a raspberry pi using Build a Pi by KM4ACK. My radio is a Xiegu G90.
I’m using FLRIG with CAT to control the G90.
Wsjtx is working fine on both transmit and receive using both FT8 and WSPR.

JS8Call is receiving fine but will not transmit. It’s like PTT is not working because the radio does not start stansmitting. JS8Call says it’s transmitting but the radio isn’t transmitting.

Any ideas?

I just plugged in my headset into to audio jack of the Digirig and when JS8CALL transmitted - I did not hear anything.

I next closed down JS8Call and launched WSJTX on FT8. I heard loud audio in my headphones.

Any other ideas?

Do you have the outbound transmit audio side programmed correctly in JS8CALL?

Here are a few screen snags os JS8Call settings

Here are a few screen snags of a few linux commands:

Here are my sound card options: