Kenwood Mike muting and cables

I figured the microphone would be muted when I pushed the PTT switch/button. Is it supposed to?? It doesn’t right now and therefore picks up any audio in the area.
In an early email re which cables to buy it said: “The cables for your TS-850 are the same as Kenwood TS-450. You’ll need Digirig in RS-232 configuration and one of the USB cables with that.”
Later I rec’d a message stating the order was ready to ship and consisted of: "Digirig Mobile - Logic Levels (default)
CAT Config: Logic Levels (default)
Kenwood TS-450 cords for Digirig Mobile.
How can I check to see if I got the Digirig in RS-232 configuration?
I’m getting tons of incoming signals but only making occasional contacts.
Hope I don’t ruin your weekend with all of this :smiling_face:
Last - It won’t let me set up for CAT. I’m using RTS and Com 3.

That sounds frustrating. I don’t own your radio, but I don’t want your question to go too long without a response. Denis @K0TX or another forum member may have more direct advice.

Maybe the serial port levels are not RS232. You can verify by following this video around 5m:

You can check by inspection or better, conductivity.

The RS232 configuration looks like this:

Let us know what you find out.

73 Constrainted

So, opening the digirig reveals the board?

Yes, the video explains how to open the case.

73 Constrainted

Appreciate the help and all that I received so far. :smiling_face: I’ll take a look at it in the AM.

Keith P

I decided to check on the device before turning in.

What a dummy I am!! USB is written right on the case. That little enclosure is precision plus.

So, the next step is to follow the video, as suggested.


Forgot to add…”and the board is marked RS232 and CMOS”

That’s great you took a look inside! Please check the continuity on the pads to confirm RS232 configuration.

73 Constrainted

The pads in the start of “part 2” of the video indicate continuity. Your message said – “check continuity to confirm RS-232”

So, now I’m confused again. If there is continuity does that mean I don’t go any further? Having viewed the video about ten times I get the impression that to get the Digirig working properly with RS-232 I need to follow the video instructions?? (Just making sure I understand – Or don’t) :smiling_face:

BTW – The customer service at Digirig is impressive!

De Keith VO1AE

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Yes, I did not get my message to you. I think you want to determine whether your Digirig is configured for RS232 level operation, what your radio requires, or for logic levels, what the sales receipt indicated.

Am I right?

I am not customer service, just another Digirig user who participates in this forum.

73 Constrainted

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