Kenwood TM-G707A and Digirig. No data transmission

Hi All, I’ve been using a Digirig 1.9 for several months now with a Baofeng UV-5R. Works well. I recently purchased a Kenwood TM-G707A and wanted to use it with Winlink also.

I purchased a cable from Digirig. A 6 pin din. PTT works fine but I’m not getting any audio indication that it’s transmitting data.
The cable is for, Yaesu,Icom and supposedly Kenwood. The radio is listed on the page for the cable. The Kenwood is set to 9600 bps.
Sitting side by side with my Baofeng, it works and the Kenwood does not.
Any ideas?

Frustrating! But you have the Baofeng to monitor the TX frequency, which is good. Have you checked the audio out from the Digirig with earphones? Have you checked continuity in the cable from TRRS to DIN pins?

There is a troubleshooting guide:

Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig

73 Constrainted

Thanks for the headphone suggestion. I did, and I hear a data stream. I did check the continuity of the cable because I read in the forum that that was an issue at one time. All good there.
I"m thinking the pin outs are not correct for the Kenwood. I’m going to upload the spec sheet. Maybe someone with a better understanding can help.
It’s on page 2 of the upload.
Kenwood Pin out.pdf (351.2 KB)

The cable from Digirig

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Kenwood TM-G707A No Data Transmission. Resolved.

There was a user malfunction. Since I’m new to this radio, I didn’t notice that it had an offset by default. Ouch. It takes three steps to clear the offset!
It’s working now though. Thank for the suggestions.
Kelly WO4KAC


Thanks for reporting your success!

73 Constrainted