Kenwood TM-V71 & DIgirig for Win10 APRS?

I have a Kenwood TM-V71 working with a Digirig for VARA FM on Win10 using the MiniDin6 9600 cable. What would I need to use the TM-V71 & Digirig to RX/TX APRS? A software TNC, I presume…

Would there be any instructions/videos to get me up and running?


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I have had success with APRSIS32, YAAC on Win 11.


"SoundModem by UZ7HO"will work for that. It will allow you to run Winlink and via a packet session too if the VARA stations go quiet.

Currently using same cable and can interchange the Kenwood TM-V71, TM710G, Icom IC-208, an IC-207 or Yaesu FT-8800 without the computer blinking or hiccupping. Very stable setup once it’s setup.

I’m going to experiment setting up 2 Digirigs/cable setups from the same computer to different radios. Hoping that allows me to use Winlink via one radio and keep PinPointAPRS running off another radio simultaneously. I’ll need to configure the ports a bit so there isn’t any conflicts but we’ll see…

I use Direwolf and the 9600 cable. It works fine.
I use APRSIS32 as well.

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