Kenwood TM-V71A - digirig 1.9 - fldigi 4.1.22 - Windows 10

PDF attached contains notes about the software and hardware in the title. I may add to this post from time to time, if the need arises, and if so, I’ll upload a new rev if this doc. FYI, pay particular attention to fldigi not finding the correct COM port, and editing the COM port drop list to use it. Also note the use of fldigi SIG display to aid setting a usable input audio level for fldigi. Recall that the fldigi RX audio stream includes the radio volume > (hardware gain) > driver gain; the SIG level will depend on all 3. Also note the V71 normalizing audio levels out of the DIN6 port.
Kenwood TM-V71A - digirig 1.9 - fldigi 4.1.22 - Windows 10a.pdf (92.9 KB)

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@TheDustyKey Wow! This is a very thorough treatment with graphics, too. This will make it easier for people to go digital with this very popular Kenwood radio.

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Hello TheDustyKey,
Your write up put all the many bits of information on this Forum together into one easy to follow instruction and guide. This is from the initial Windows acoustical setup and then to FLDIGI. Thank you.

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“In the Communications tab of the Sound dialog, where there might be a choice to let Windows manage sound levels, select “Do Nothing”, if it is available.” added to document, plus minor enhancements.
Kenwood TM-V71A - digirig 1.9 - fldigi 4.1.22 - Windows 10 r20240514.pdf (435.8 KB)

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