Kenwood TS-140s compatibility (with 6 & 13 pin connector)

Hey there,

the cable kit for the TS-450 (6 Pin and 13 Pin) seems likely to be working with my TS-140s (it does luckily have a 6 Pin interface card). After research in the IF10C Manual it states a TTL Level (4800 baud full-duplex, 1 start bit, 8 character bits, 2 stop bits)

Does the digirig mobile with the default logic level option suffice or does it need one of the other available options in the shop?

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Looking at the available connections on TS-140s I don’t see anything related to serial CAT control:

This means that you’ll be using it with the hardware PTT control and without optional CAT. If serial CAT is not involved then you can use Digirig in any configuration.

Please report your test results with 13pin cable. I don’t see MiniDin6 connector.

Your picture has the acc1 covered up with a plastic plug (bottom right).

As said I am fortunate enough to have one with the IF10C Interface fitted (see picture enclosed)

That’s a full size Din connector. I don’t have a pre-made cables for it, but it can be useable with a homebrew cable.

Oh you are right so basically a homebrew Mini-Din 6 female → full size Din 6 male adapter would most likely work with your TS-450 Cable kit to still have it somewhat nice and tidy?

And due to 5V TTL logic level which order option for the digirig would you recommend? (I still need to order one)

Yes, adapter should do the business.
Digirig uses 3.3 logic levels (default configuration). It is compatible/tolerant of 5V signals.
On the Din connector connect CTS with RTS for so called hardware flow control bypass.