Kenwood TS-2000

Is there a cable for the DigiRig to TS-2000 that will allow use of the microphone while the DigiRig is attached? Thanks KG4NMX

Yes, the recommended cables for TS-2000 connects to the accessory ports in the back and leave the front connector for the microphone use.

My Kenwood TS-2000 is picking up audio from my MC-60 desktop mic instead of the computer in both sound card auto tune test and during start a session. Not sure why. I have digirig selected for both in and out. PTT and everything else works like it should. I’m using the digirig made for the Kenwood and associated digirig cables.

What software do you use? Do you want to share the screenshots of the audio settings?

Ive got the DigiRig to work with the TS-2000 for M110 MS-DMT digital traffic and it will tx on ALE with MS-DMT. But i cannot get the ALE to scan frequencies on the TS-2000.

I’m operating AFMARS digital software. With the Signalink i had control of the freq from the computer.

Audio settings are for usb PnP sound device

I can guarantee that whatever CAT control you had didn’t come from Signalink. It’s just not something that Signalink supports. There must have been a separate serial interface dongle connected to the radio’s DB9 port which btw you can continue using if you prefer it to Digirig’s embedded serial interface.

Re. software: Sorry, I didn’t address the question correctly. That was intended for Jeremy.

Nice, I dabbled with ALE for a short while. It really puts your TS-2000’s relays through a good workout. It has been quite a while since I tried it so I would imagine they have worked out many of the bugs. I’m not sure what M110 MS-DMT is though.

I’m following Wavetalkers video on connecting your ham radio to your computer: Winlink Basics (Episode 2) and I’m having luck using soundmodem. I don’t think that Vara fm or hf have appropriations in the software to work with digirig and the TS-2000. Receive works fine with Vara fm but during transmit the rig is pulling sound from my desktop mic instead of the computer.

WSJT-X and Flrig work just fine for me. So I can only guess that it is a software issue. One of the guys in the i.o. group posted he has success with it but only shared his handshake, no setup pics. That would be helpful to many if he indeed got it working.


Are you using Digirig’s PTT by RTS (hardware PTT)? Based on this thread if you use PTT by CAT the transceiver will not pull audio from the accessory port for FM.

Hey K0TX,

Thanks for being proactive with your product. I did have CAT selected but wasn’t using the RTS selection as my radio would go right into transmit.

I just tried it with Com selected and another screen popped up. I selected RTS there and the calibration seems to be working as expected.

I haven’t been able to connect to anyone tonight with Vara sadly so no 100% confirmation that it’ll work.

Is there a solid source in writing somewhere on how to setup these modes for the TS-2000 when using the Digirig?

I’ve been scrubbing the Digirig forum and TS-2000 forums without finding anything helpful.

I did have success tonight with one station using soundmodem. I followed Wavetalks Episode 2. They haven’t shown all the settings on the video but I hear they have a pdf on their website.

Will play more tomorrow and hopefully get one step closer to mastery of the equipment.



When it comes to RTS (or equivalent setting), please make sure you select it in PTT section. RTS and other flow control signals must be disabled in CAT settings otherwise that will indeed cause unwanted transmission.

There are hundreds of transceiver models and dozen of apps over multiple platforms. There is no complete manual for each combination, but additionally to the general guides in the reference section of the website the knowledge base populates in this forum as operators report their settings. Please make sure to share what worked for you when you are done setting things up.

You are correct, i was using a RT Systems cable for the computer interface to the radio. DigiRig serial cable had me drop the RT cable. I will disconnect the serial and try using the RT cable again.

The DigiRig serial cable for the Kenwood TS-2000 will give the transmit signal but does not allow the auto scanning of frequencies. The RT Systems serial cable will allow the radio to scan. Wish i had two serial ports on the radio.

Ok will do. I’m having trouble connecting to local RMS gateways. I’m wondering if it is a noise problem.

As it worked to one of them last night. Perhaps my solar panel from Sun Run are the cause.


Yes, please try the other serial interface again and see if you gain any additional functionality (e.g. auto scanning as you mentioned).

This shouldn’t be the case because the CAT commands over the serial port are just data. Once the serial connection is working it doesn’t care what kind of commands are passed along so there should be no difference in the functionality.

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Ok, I will try that.