Kenwood TS 2000

I am trying to set up my new DIgiRig with my Kenwood ts 2000. I have tried it on 2 seperate computers. The computer recognizes the digiRig, the audio input and output, but does not work with the Radio. I recently sent the radio into a shop for diagnosis for a power issue, There was nothing wrong with the radio, just my error.
Does anyone have any ideas I could try???

To limit troubleshooting to one area at-a-time I would recommend first not worry about the CAT control (e.g. “none” selected for the rig in WSJT-X) and focus on audio and PTT.

Make sure that

  1. the TRRS end of the cable with 13 pin connector is plugged into Digirig’s audio socket
  2. Digirig’s sound card components are selected in audio configuration of the software
  3. check the cable’s continuity (pins side will be mirror image of below)

I am having the same problem with my Kenwood 2000. No decodes and very very little transmit. Any suggestions?
Tnx NU4N Dave.

Have you already tried what was previously discussed in this post? What were your results?

Well I just plugged in the 13 pin din plug. Getting no decodes and very very little transmit.

Wish I had someone that could use Any Desk or Team Viewer to look at my settings.

A friend of mine suggested a full reset. Hope that works.

I was sent to new cables, and now it works. I am able to do WSJTX and it does a good job. I still am having trouble getting it to work with ham radio deluxe. I’m pretty sure it’s just in the settings, I am in contact with Digirig and ham, radio deluxe. I will keep everyone informed as I go along.


Trying to fully integrate a digirig with my TS-2000. I can get the digirig to either do rig control OR PTT but not both at the same time. No problems with getting audio in and out of the digirig.
I am using a computer running W7 Home Premium.
Any help?
Dave K3GAU

Try flrig.