Kenwood TS-450 Setup -WinLink

Hey all!

I have been been bound and determined to get my Digirig and my Kenwood TS-450S working together.
I bought the Kenwood Digirig to findout the cables with that kit are not correct. I now see there is a Kenwood TS-450 Kit. So this $50 item in $100 kit is turning into a $300 project.

So I made the missing cable to go from the Digi to the Radio Acc1 port. It sort of works.
When I open HRD it does not work correctly.
When I use Winlink Express, it works better. Neither will tune the radio.
Also noted is when winlink session opens the the radio goes to “on air”.
when that happens. no audio out. but the radio is not transmitting, well at least not on the watt meter.
When you tell winlink to check the mail it does cause the power meter to show it is transmitting.

The cable I made is TRRS to 6 pin DIN. I jumped the RTS and the CTS which is why it keys the transmitter. without that, it does not work at all.

What am I missing is this?


If you have any doubts about the audio coming from Digirig, you can use this troubleshooting method:

test audio with headphones – plug a regular 3.5mm stereo headphones into Digirig’s audio socket and initiate transmit cycle. You’ll hear digital mode sounds on the right side, this indicates your software and Digirig are working as expected

The issue may also be related to RFI. See the corresponding section of the troubleshooting guide to determine if that’s the case and possible remedies.

Also: you can send any unneeded gear in resalable condition back for refund.
Also2: if you have any homebrew cable build info you can share it would be much appreciated

Thank for the reply.

I’m pretty sure the audio is getting out, but I will test it with the method described.
In the Winlink/VARA settings there is a tune button, which to my understanding is testing the audio input to the radio. When tuning, the ALC is adjustable from the software.

Home brew cables, If I was sure it was wired correctly, I would gladly share it.
I would like to find pin out info for the digirig to be able to make these things easier.

I’ll hang on to my excess gear for now, you just never know when you may end up with another radio.

For pinouts on Digirig’s side please refer to the schematic at the end of this post: