Kenwood TS-450 setup WSJT

I purchased the Digirig including the cables from the company. I have gone through several numerous configurations and I cannot get WSJT to consistently work with the Digirig and the radio.
The best I have had is I can get the CAT to work in the test but never the PTT.
i have uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything several times and the problem gets worse.
Now even the CAT while it passes the test will not even change the frequency. UGH!!

Let’s separate concerns (PTT and CAT) and deal with each separately.
First PTT. Please share the screenshot of your device manager showing Digirig’s COM port and configuration screen of WSJT-X showing PTT configuration.


Thank you for your support interest.
This is the Device Manager screen shot.


Now to tackle the PTT and sending.
The configuration below allows for receiving the waterfall but will not allow sending.

The earlier one with PTT set to RTS is correct. Test PTT and let me know if there are any issues.


Ok I tried using RTS and was able to get out. After one round of transmitting the
computer driver seems to blow up and cycles between the PnP sound device and
the microphone. I have to turn the radio and computer off to reset them.

Could be an RFI issue. Does this happen at minimal RF power into the dummy load?

I don’t have a dummy load to test with. I can borrow one .
Thanks for the information.

Dropping RF power to the minimum alone may work, try that first.

Followup - yes it seems to be RFI. If I go over 3W I get the aberrations to the program and the radio.
Have an RF Choke on order.
Thanks for the help

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