Kenwood TS-450 sudden failure

I have been using a Kenwood TS-450 with the a digirig for several months.
After not using for a few weeks when I start up WSJTX I get rig control error.
I have not made any config changes. No matter what changes I make I get the same error message. I am ready to throw the digirig into the garbage and start with something else. It has not been a good experience.

amlib error: rig_token_lookup called for no_xchg

rig_confparam_lookup called for no_xchg

1:rig.c(817):rig_open entered

rig_settings_get_path: path=.hamlib_settings

rig_settings_load_all: settings_file (.hamlib_settings): No such file or directory

rig_open: cwd=C:\WSJT\wsjtx

rig_open: C:\WSJT\wsjtx/hamlib_settings does not exist

rig_open: async_data_enable=0, async_data_supported=0

serial_open: COM13

serial_open(229): open failed#1

serial_open(229): open failed#2

serial_open(229): open failed#3

serial_open(229): open failed#4

serial_open: Unable to open COM13 - No such file or directory

port_open: serial_open(COM13) status=-6, err=No such file or directory

rig_open: rs->comm_state==0?=0

1:rig.c(1023):rig_open returning(-6) IO error

IO error

IO error

while opening connection to rig

Timestamp: 2023-08-20T16:44:02.461Z

Is COM13 still listed in the Device Manager?
Any change other software could be holding COM port? Computer reboot can help with this.