Kenwood TS-450S "Test Cat" errors in WSJT-X

Thanks again for taking the time.
I have checked ports and everything else suggested by Digirig many, many times.

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Well, let me know if you’d like to try it with a Live MX-Linux boot, Alan. I can post an image file on a fileshare somewhere.


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Hi Alan,
You said you purchased the Digirig RS-232. I believe you need the Logic Level model.

RS-232 uses +or- 12v while TTL uses 0 to +5v. The old Kenwood IF232 box was for making that conversion. You mentioned in other posts that a 10 year old USB to serial converter was working for you. I’ve used a few of those as well with good results. They also convert 232 to TTL.

I just joined the forum and have ordered a Logic Level model and cables to use with my TS-690S. When I get things set up I’ll report back.

Thanks for the information!
I hope you are right. Yes please let us all know what you find.
I ordered exactly what is listed on the Digirig site but also called in to confirm I was ordering the correct stuff.

How to do the loopback test for CI-V serial cable? It has only one line for both rx/tx.


CI-V is looped back internally inside Digirig. It will echo the characters even without the cable connected. This will test that the port works, but you’ll need to ring the cable with the continuity tester if you want to check it too.

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