Kenwood TS-570D Rig settings

Does anyone have this running using FT8 as I can get the receive working but no TX what so ever.
Is there a setting in the rig that I missed or maybe in the software ?
Anyone’s help please.

How would you describe the TX issue:

  1. radio doesn’t switch to transmit
  2. radio switches to transmit, but no audio is sent

Please share the screenshot of the digital modes app configuration. If you use WSJT-X then the relevant information is in the File->Settings->Radio

It turns out that the radio com port is bad as the software has no problem seeing the digirig its a bad DB9 com in the rig. thanks for the help.

Thank you for the update.
You can still enjoy the digital modes using this radio with only Digirig’s audio/PTT cable connected. You’ll need to manually tune the transceiver to the target frequently.

Yes I’m looking at getting the rig fixed….lol