Kenwood TS-570D Rig settings

Does anyone have this running using FT8 as I can get the receive working but no TX what so ever.
Is there a setting in the rig that I missed or maybe in the software ?
Anyone’s help please.

How would you describe the TX issue:

  1. radio doesn’t switch to transmit
  2. radio switches to transmit, but no audio is sent

Please share the screenshot of the digital modes app configuration. If you use WSJT-X then the relevant information is in the File->Settings->Radio

It turns out that the radio com port is bad as the software has no problem seeing the digirig its a bad DB9 com in the rig. thanks for the help.

Thank you for the update.
You can still enjoy the digital modes using this radio with only Digirig’s audio/PTT cable connected. You’ll need to manually tune the transceiver to the target frequently.

Yes I’m looking at getting the rig fixed….lol

Radio does not go in to TX mode. It just sits there as the FT8 software goes into TX but not the rig.
Comm port has been fixed and the rig still does not go into TX so what am I missing ? I can hook just a cat cable to it and it works just fine but when I hook up the cables you sent for my TS-570 the Tx part does not work ?

Please share the screenshot of the configuration in WSJT-X.

How do I get a screen shot as I have never done that before ?

I use “Snip & Sketch” app on windows. Previously I used “Print Screen” key and paste to image editor. I’m sure there are more options if you search the web.