Kenwood TS-690s questions

Hi, I have a Rev 1.9 board and the Kenwood TS-450 cords for Digirig Mobile cord set I want to get working with my TS-690s. I don’t think I ordered the cords and the digirig at the same time and since the pads are not touched (see photo) I assume it’s the default logic levels and I need to solder the 3 pads for RS-232 together.

But, looking at the pictures in the blog post, the two of pads supposed be be soldered together already, and I need to cut them, but mine aren’t. Can you confirm that I just need to solder the three pads together and this is the right cable set?


Those pads are indeed connected, The connections is under the black solder mask making it appear as if there are none. For additional guidance, check out this video: