Kenwood TS-850 Connecting cables

Two cables were recommended for the Kenwood TS-850. One is 9 pin - the other 13 pin. The 9 pin is used to connect with the digirig Audio input. There’s a 13 pin connector on the back of the rig for use with a Data Communications Device, which I don’t have. So, unless I get a data device I’m good to go with the 9 pin connected to the Digirig Audio input, for FT8 etc. Do I have that correct??

Here is the recommended cables for TS-850 (DIN13 for audio and PTT and DIN6 for optional serial CAT control):

They match these ports on your radio:


Let me know if you have any questions.

Super help! Got it running. Only thing I don’t see in the Sound Device is the PnP reference. Mine shows the audio as Realtek, the audio source that worked best for me.
Also, when transmitting I don’t hear the audio, as I used to. I checked the Mute and Speaker Volume - they were set ok. The VU is indicating power out. Must get someone to listen for me. I don’t miss hearing it anyway. :flushed:

Realtec must be your computer’s internal sound card. Digirig’s codec identifies as either “USB audio device” or “USB PnP Sound Device”. Check out this video for some troubleshooting tips:

Yes, it is the sound card. Onward and upward with your latest link.



Just a couple of ?? re DIGIRIG.

The sound card ID’s as “USB Audio Device”. I’m still on a learning curve, so I appreciate your help.

I’m seeing plenty of stations coming in on WSJT….Way more than before when I was running a cable directly into the USB port for the 9 Pin connection.

Thing is, I thought I didn’t need the 13 pin cable connected. You reference use of the 13 pin serial connection. Do I need both? If it’s an option, then I’ll gladly use both the audio and serial connections.

Everyone has to see something for the first time and I guess that’s where I stand.

Keith VO1AE

13 pin DIN is the required cable (audio + PTT). DIN6 is the optional one (serial CAT control).

I’m not quite sure what arrangement you describe by “directly into the USB port for the 9 Pin connection”. Nothing on TS-850 connects directly to USB.

Thanks, and sorry for the way I described the USB.
What I meant was, before I received your cables I had a 9 pin one that had a usb on the other end which plugged into a USB on the laptop.
I was receiving FT8 info yet something didn’t seem right.
I misunderstood the use of the 9 pin thinking that was what I was supposed to use.
BTW, after going 9 pin to Audio-in to digirig-out on USB C to USB on the laptop I was seeing more stations. Yet something still didn’t seem right when configuring the radio settings.
Now I know why! I should be using the other cable into the serial input. Hope I have it right this time.

Thanks for your pateience. Have it all working! The Serial/13 PIN cable was the game changer. Only problem I have is the volume out of the Monitor speakers…Not exactly friendly adjustments on this ASUS monitor.

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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are all set.

You should be able to adjust volume for all sound cards including that driving your monitor speakers by moving “level” slider in the corresponding playback device in the Control Panel.