Kenwood TS850 WSJT-X Audio settings

Anyone out there using a Kenwood TS-850 with Digirig?? If yours works 100% I’d like to learn your settings in WSJT-X and Audio.
Thanks de VO1AE

I don’t have TS-850, but I can still look at what is going on if you are getting error messages or something doesn’t work as expected. Feel free to share a screenshot of the device manager showing Digirig’s COM port and WSJT-X configuration.

Thanks for the offer Denis. I’ll get back to you. A couple of things are certainly ofd. I’ll explain, and take some screen shots.

I have it working with a TS-870, I assume their RS-232 implementation might be similar, so my solution might also work for you. Let’s see what problems you have.


Tobias, thank you, for your offer to help.

I’m pleased to say that a bit earlier Denis Grisak was able to help when he saw some settings in audio that needed change.

BTW, the problem I was having was the mike audio wasn’t being muted on transmit. While transmitting the mike stayed open and was prone to feedback. Plus picking up any background audio (such as from a TV running).

De Keith VO1AE

Good morning, Tobias… Are you using CAT control with the RS-232 and Digirig setup?


I do not use the digirig for RS232. My TS-870 uses hardware handshake on the rs232, so digirig is not capable of handling that.

I use the Digirig rs-232 line to trigger the PTT, though, otherwise I don’t get the radio to take the audio from the rear connector.


2024-05-22 15:00 skrev Keith Piercery via Digirig Forum:

Thank you for responding. 73s