Kindle Fire HD 10

Anybody using a Digirig with a Kindle Fire HD 10 (7th Generation) running WoAD? I had to get a USB to micro usb cable to connect with existing digirig cable. Using a VX-6R. Seems to be hit and miss when connecting to local Winlink RMS gateway. Or it takes a long time to get even a small message from server. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Paul (KE4TP)

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I hope so! What a great idea! Congratulations on getting this working.

Please give us some details like:

  1. mode (packet or Vara FM)
  2. message size in Kb, which Winlink provides
  3. Rx time for that message
  4. details from the log of WoAD, if possible

73 Constrainted