KX2/3 CW N1MM setup?

Wondering if anybody has gotten the KX2/3 connected with N1MM with a standard Digirig cable setup? Or will I have to custom make a cable for the one side for CW? And if you did get it to work, what were your N1MM settings.

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@Paul_Van_Dyke I do not own your radio but I did not want your question to go unanswered. I have used N1MM for CW, PSK, RTTY via CAT control and virtual serial port (VSP). I have not used it for CW in a key port. Nevertheless I think you will succeed with a standard or custom cable.

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Digirig doesn’t have a dedicated CW key switch or store cables accommodating it. With the custom cable the Digirig’s PTT switch can be connected to radio’s CW port. This arrangement will require the software to send CW by activating RTS line of the COM port.

In theory it would also be possible send CW code via serial CAT, though I never heard of this scenario.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Now seeing if one can be made … this issue also is for KX3

Grin Thank you

The cable for typical CW port would look like this:

3.5mm TRRS (Digirig Audio) → 3.5mm TRS (Radio CW)

ring 2 (PTT) → tip (CW)
sleeve (GND) → sleeve (GND)

will have to make one UNLESS you wish a project … grin


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This guy does: https://hammadeparts.com/