Kx3 /px3/kxpa100

Does anyone know the cable configuration for the above configuration that would include the digirig.

Previouly i had a signalink that worked, but now no. i am using dxlabs and wjxt for digital. And would want to keep the configuration in place with the digirig instead of the signalink.

Thk in advance


Robert va3bxg

Do you have your KX working with Digirig without PA involved?
There are some differences between Digirig and Signalink (e.g. PTT mechanism) which means that you need to make some configuration changes when swapping the interfaces.

It does work, but that would be a waster of the panadapter and something I would rather not do. And the reason for my question.

Robert Galambos VA3BXG

Understandable. The reason for my question was to ensure we are not troubleshooting multiple areas of configuration at the same time.

So previously you connected Signalink to radio’s MIC and PHONES connectors which left ACC1 available for PX3 connection. That can still be achieved with Digirig with the same level of functionality (audio, PTT, no CAT) as Signalink.

Now looking at the PX3 I see that it offers PC connection which may be a pass-through COM port connection. You can try plugging Digirig’s serial port there instead and hopefully that’ll give you the CAT control too.