Really appreciate the support. The audio is actually exactly as the guidance states and properly selected in WSJT (I get a received audio indicator). I also set the level to something in the middle. It’s possible I have settings in my KX that are wrong. I am going to do a firmware update this weekend which is long overdue and go back to square one. One remaining question, do I need an intermediary like Flidgi or something else, to have the Frequency track in WSJT with the radio or should it follow automatically? I will let you know where I’m at as soon as I get updated and take another run at this. Oh, I purchased from Gigaparts as a package, so the config is mute then. Oh almost forgot, I tried this on a Surface Pro running WIN 11 and now on a Think Pad running WIN 10 if That makes any difference.


The “middleware” like flrig retries the commands which might help in some situations, but for that the CAT connection must work in principle. If there are any doubts about Digirig hardware, you can confirm the configuration by looking at the PCB and test the serial port by doing a loopback.

Let me know if you need help with any of the above.

PS: window tablet/win10/win11 are all ok with Digirig so I don’t think that’s the source of the problem

Some good news. I did get it to receive and decode but when it tries to transmit it locks up the KX and gives me an error message. It does track with the radio frequency from WSJT to the KX my settings are as below:
Serial Com6
Speed 38400
data default
stopbit default
Handshake none
Mode Data PKT
Split fake it

I’ve a got setting wrong somewhere or I need to change the keying method? Also, on the WIN 11 machine the UART Bridge controller is unrecognized and can’t find a driver for it. Its an MS Surface Pro 3

Hope this helps!


PS did an update on the KX3 today to the latest firmware

Likely the issue related to RFI. Try temporarily lowering TX power to minimum level and/or send into a dummy load. If the issue stops then it’s definitely RFI. There is a section on that in the troubleshooting guide.

Okay some good news, got the Surface pro working. Got the UART Bridge drivers from the manufacturer. I have one working computer the frequency control works as normal. No lock up anymore. The Lenovo is another story and I think I know why. Although it is set up identical to the Surface, it has Software for my Flex 6300 on it and used Slice Master to get WSJT to work. Somewhere there is a conflict. I’m going to use it with KX on a regular basis, so I am not going to install the Digi to work with it. I have a second Surface so will set that one up and I’m good to go. Thanks for the help! Pat

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