Let's add digirig to aprsdroid

I’m a programmer by trade and hobby. I’m sure there are other people here with similar skills and interests.

I’ve taken a look at the Aprsdroid code and it doesn’t look so complicated. My problem is that I don’t know the android libraries (or scala but that’s pretty easy). So investing the time with little or no idea of the right direction doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.

If there’s someone or someones here who would like to collaborate on adding digirig functionally to Aprsdroid I think it would be a great boon to our little community here.

PS I know you can already kinda make it work with vox but that’s not reliable in my experience. I think it would be good to be a first class citizen in Aprsdroid.


I don’t know a thing about android but I want to follow this post. Digirig on aprsdroid would be way helpful. It would be nice if it had its own sound card like software on pc too somthing with less pain in the but when you switch from your winlink digirig to the one you have tied to the hf rig

The github issue for this is here PTT by RTS or CAT? · Issue #324 · ge0rg/aprsdroid · GitHub and seems to be getting some traction, not least because our fearless leader sent the owner of the project a digirig.