Location beaconing and use cases


Been reading through quite a number of info re APRS because I’m targetting off-grid location beaconing for my use case specifically.

APRS HTs are (still) on the pricey side and I wanted to use either my FT60r, VX6r or FT4xr as location beaconing for my activities. I like digirig because it doesn’t require additional batteries to work nor does it rely on BT which is an additional drain on smartphones.

For purposes of beaconing GPS location only, will digirig lite be enough for an HT? or should I go for the mobile one? TBH I like the minimalist setup of the lite hence my lean towards it.

As for location beaconing when does it send out updates? How frequent does my location get updated? Are they configurable? that goes for both mobile and lite versions.

Now for the receiving end, I’ll be setting up a portable pack for my car. Still contemplating on ft-6800 or ft-2980, but I guess the digirig mobile will be for this setup.

For your use case I’d go with inexpensive HT (even Baofeng should suffice), Digirig Lite, Android phone with USB-C connection and APRSDroid app.

Here’s a preview of the setup by techprepper on youtube:

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