Looses usb connection

I have one with icom cable to audio port. Works fine unless I physically move it. Win pc with digirig running direwolf complains it looses audio channel. I am using a high quality anker usb 3 foot usb cable. Leaving it horizontal works fine. I see in control panel the usb audio disappears. I check plugs for dirt etc seems ok. Just an fyi. AA2T

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Do you receive error message at the time of transmit but never during receive?
Could be RFI issue. If that’s the case see “sticky PTT” section of the troubleshooting guilde.

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When I move it I loose recieve.

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Ah sorry, missed important “physically move” part.
Do you have another USB-C cable to try for good measure before we address Digirig side of it?

I had a related issue with PC. The slightest wiggle of the cable in the USB port would immediately freeze up the software in the same way that it would freeze up when exposed to too much RFI. This was an extremely repeatable error.

The first thing I tried was electric taping every connection together to prevent any movement. That helped a lot.

Eventually I abandoned PC for a variety if reasons, and I haven’t experienced that issue on either RPi or Quadra.

Another thought: if you wish to stick with PC, and you need a high level of mobility, you might consider soldering the USB cable into one of the ports. I have done this successfully with a Pi (long story).