Mac poor audio performance and glitches

I just received a digirig and have hooked up the audio cable to my FT-891 and I’m using a small usb-c patch cable.

The first issue I had was overdriven audio, which I resolved by breaking the ATTenuation pad. But I have issues when connected to a recent M1 MacBook Pro.

For a short period of time the audio is fine, but then I start hearing stuttering and clicks which reduce the effectiveness of the software audio interpretation greatly. I have tried plugging into other USB-C ports and have the same result. I also hear a small whine when my other USB cable for the Yeasu CAT control is pugged in.

When I use the same digirig on my PC laptop with Windows 11 (and the same cables), I experience none of these issue.

Any idea on what might be happening?



Does this issue manifest itself if you restrain from transmitting? I’m trying to determine if this is somehow related to RFI.

Just receive only, no transmit activity.

If it would help I can attach a recording of the audio and the waterfall activity.

You’re welcome to share the recording, but I doubt I’ll recognize the sound because this is the first report of this type of issue. Maybe useful for future reference though.

Do you have the same experience on different bands? What about different digital modes software or with no software running at all?

Hi, it is not dependant on the band or the audio output from the radio. After a time a loud, rhythmic clicking sound starts occurring and disrupting the audio stream. If I unplug/plug the digirig from the Mac it resolves for a short period of time.

It’s also not dependant on the software. If I close the software I’m using to monitor (ie. something like fldigi, but. also happens wsjtx) and open up Audacity to record/monitor the stream directly I hear the corrupted audio stream.

It seems like the audio stream itself is corrupted by something happening on the driver/audio processing level between the digirig and the Mac laptop. If I unplug the radio from the digirig, the clicking noise is also overlayed on top of the "thunk’ you get when removing the plug if that makes any sense.

Extended sessions with the same cables and digirig device on my PC laptop don’t have the same issue and work fine.



We can take it a step further and try with no cables connected on the transceiver side.
Do you happen to have any other USB audio devices you can try with that Mac? Some sound card or headset?

Following the thread here. I’m testing a Yaesu FT-891, Digirig Mobile 1.9, MacBook Pro M1.

I’d like to occasionally do FT8 “mobile portable” with the same radio, but I’m having a heck of a time getting the RF/audio gain structure right. I did enable the attenuation by cutting between the pads. But I can’t quite get it right between RF gain, ALC, and the various places to tweak audio.

73, Jeremy / N0AW