MIC BTN setting for KX3

Just received my Digirig. When I connected it to my KX3 it started transmitting. I searched the forum and found out this topic: Anybody know a cause for ERR PTT on KX3 powerup?
I pulled the mic connector just a little and transmission stopped. But I thought it’s not a good idea to always perform this precise operation when I connect my Digirig to KX3. I searched through the menu and found a setting MIC BTN which was set to PTT. I switched from DATA to USB mode and changed this setting to OFF. It didn’t allow me to change this setting while in the DATA mode.

I just thought it might help somebody facing the same problem.

To Digirig engineering: maybe it would make sense to use a TRRS connector for the mic here instead of TRS. I guess that will solve the problem and it won’t be necessary to change the menu settings.

Other than that, it works just fine.
Thanks and 73,

Pavel AC4PA

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Your issue was a little different, since you were pushing the connector in all the way. With the correct menu settings, the cables work correctly, right?

73 Constrainted

Right. When I set Mic Btn to OFF I was able to push the connector all the way to the socket. Until I changed the setting I had to pull it a little bit back. In that case with the connector pushed all the way the rig started transmitting.